Kai Bu

College of Computer Science and Technology
Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
Email: kaibu@zju.edu.cn


Hmm... not now, cause I'm too busy being amazed by some smart, cool undergrads.
Thanks to our institution's support. Now officially an soon-to-be advisor.
Yutian Yang

Zixuan Guo, CS. FYP advisee
Tienpei Yeh, CS. FYP advisee
Avery Laird, CS. SFU-ZJU Dual-Degree Program Student from Simon Fraser University

Yi Zheng, BS 2017. FYP advisee (Master Student, University of Technology Sydney)
Kaiwen Zhu, BS 2017. FYP advisee (Master Student, Zhejiang University)
Junze Bao, BS 2016 (Master Student, EPFL; Software Engineer Intern, Cisco, San Jose)
Min Huang, BS 2016 (Master Student, CMU)
Minyu Weng, BE 2016
Zhenchao Lin, CS Undergraduate (Exchange Student, University of Tsukuba)
Zhikui Xu, CS Undergraduate (SFU-ZJU Dual-Degree Program, Simon Fraser University)
Mingjie Xu, BS 2014 (Software Engineer, Baidu; Software Engineer, Huawei)
SRTP advisees: 2015-2016, Chaoguang Lin (Math), Bo Dang (Math), Lida Meng (Chemistry)

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